Automatic Payment Terms and Conditions

AUTHORIZATION: Occupant agrees to authorize Owner and or Owner’s Agent(s) to process the Occupant’s monthly Rent payment automatically as noted within the signed Storage Rental Agreement. Payment will be processed via credit card, debit card or direct withdrawal from a checking account, whichever option is selected by Occupant. Occupant acknowledges that rent will be withdrawn from their account on their monthly rent due date. Occupant is responsible for supplying Owner or Agent’s with Occupant’s current banking and/or financial information needed to effectuate the automatic payment withdrawal. This includes, but is not limited to, credit card or debit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, new accounts that may be issued, old accounts that have been closed, etc.

DECLINED / REJECTED PAYMENTS: Owner/Agent may attempt to manually apply the payment within a reasonable time frame from the first failed automatic attempt. If the automatic withdrawal is still declined, Owner may attempt to contact the Occupant regarding the declined payment, though is not required to. Occupant may also be subject to any applicable late charges due to the payment not processing for Owner. Any rejected payment through direct withdrawal of a checking account may be subject to NSF Fees in accordance with the Storage Rental Agreement. Owner at Owners discretion, may remove Occupant from Automatic Payments due to multiple failed payment attempts.

CANCELLATION OF AUTO-PAYMENT: Owner or Occupant may cancel auto-payment by providing a minimum Ten (10) days WRITTEN notice to the other party prior to the next Rent payment due date, OR upon the Occupant vacating the Storage Space, OR upon Occupant removing themselves from Automatic Payments via their online Customer Portal at