Moving and Packing Supplies

Don’t bother making an extra trip elsewhere to pick up your packing and moving supplies when all you need is at your local Five Star Storage facility! Having the right supplies on hand is a way to keep your move efficient and organized. 

For your convenience, many Five Star Storage locations sell packing and moving supplies in the facility’s front office! Availability may vary, so give your local Five Star Storage team a call in advance to confirm you’ll be able to pick up what you need. 

Most of our facilities with packing and moving supplies often have:

Moving Boxes

The first image of moving that might come to mind is that of boxes on top of boxes. Having the right size boxes can make moving much easier, and when you label them, you’ll have a much better time unpacking later on. Five Star Storage sells boxes in many sizes, so stop by to pick up the right size for your move. 

Packing Tape

In addition to boxes, you need a way to keep them closed and secure. With proper application of our available packing tape, your belongings will be snug as a bug! 

Bubble Wrap and Wrapping Paper

Especially for those fragile items, our bubble wrap and packing paper gives cushion and peace of mind while you’re hauling items to and from your storage unit.

Mattress, Chair, and Couch Covers

By wrapping your mattress, chair, or couch in a cover, your furniture will be more likely to stay clean and dry while you move! 

Purchase Packing and Moving Supplies at Five Star Storage 

A box blowout or a missing roll of tape don’t have to slow you down! Contact your nearest Five Star Storage facility today to check for packing and moving supply availability and to keep your move going smoothly.