Climate-Controlled Storage

A standard self storage unit may be ideal for any personal storing that you may need. However, if you have items that need to be stored at a certain temperature or are looking for a comfortable unit anytime you drop by, a climate-controlled storage unit may just be the choice for you. 

Here at Five Star Storage, we understand that protecting your valuables is a high priority. That is why we offer climate-controlled self storage units in a wide range of sizes and in many locations. We want to help you safely store all of your priceless items in one of our clean, reliable storage units. 

But, what is climate-controlled self storage and what are the benefits of using this type of unit? 

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

When you keep your items stored in your own home, it is easy to monitor them and ensure they are not being warped or destroyed due to the temperature. However, we understand that it can be worrisome to not be able to do this as frequently when storing items in a self storage unit. This is where climate-controlled self storage comes in. 

Climate controlled storage units allow you to keep your storage units at consistent temperature year round. Your climate-controlled storage unit will remain at a temperature between 55 and 85 degrees to help keep your items from enduring temperature related damages. 

What can be stored in a climate-controlled self storage unit?

For many items, the temperature of your storage unit does not make much of a difference. But, for more damage prone items, it is beneficial to be able to keep them stored at a consistent temperature range. Due to the delicate nature of certain items, they could be at risk of warping or otherwise undesirable damage caused by being too hot or too cold. Having access to a climate-controlled self storage unit could be the difference between passing down a family heirloom and having to part ways with it. Considering a climate-controlled unit is wise if you think any of your items could be at risk for this type of temperature related damage.  

Some items to consider when deciding if climate-controlled self storage is right for you:

Additionally, climate-controlled storage units aren’t just for your belongings. The weather in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota can get chilly quickly. Heated storage units allow you to stay comfortable when moving your belongings in or organizing your unit—no matter how much it may be snowing outside. 

Find Climate-Controlled Storage Near You

Whether you are storing a musical instrument or that collection of baseball cards that has been in your family for generations, a climate-controlled storage unit near you can help. For more tips and tricks to help make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, take a look at our packing and moving tips.  At Five Star Storage, we want to help you store your most treasured items in one of our units. Rent or reserve a climate-controlled self storage unit near you today!