Self Storage for Students

Being a student is stressful enough without worrying about where to keep your extra things or store your important belongings when you go out of town. Whether you’ve landed your dream internship or study abroad placement, are headed home for the summer, or just need a bit of extra room, self storage is a fantastic option for handling your extra belongings! 

Already know self storage is right for you? We offer units throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas. Once you locate a facility, you can view current online rates and rent or reserve online. If you have any questions, just reach out to the facility office to get started with the rental process.

Short-Term Storage for College Students

One of the benefits of keeping your things with us at Five Star Storage is that we don’t require long-term rental contracts. Because of this, our storage units are great options during summer breaks, semesters abroad, gap years, moving between apartments, or searching for a new job and making a life transition after graduation. 

Having a place to keep your belongings during all your college moves and transitions can be an affordable way to hang on to the furniture, valuables, and important belongings that you might not otherwise be able to keep. Additionally, self storage is beneficial because it allows you reliable access to your belongings when you need them most – even if you end up making an unexpected move or realize you accidentally packed away something you need. 

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Tips for Selecting the Right Student Storage Unit 

Deciding on the right storage option can be tricky—but we’ve got your back. The first things you should consider are storage unit location, storage type (regular or climate-controlled), and unit sizes. 

Storage Unit Locations for Students

When choosing a storage unit, you will want to consider location – the closer to your apartment, dorm, or family home, the simpler. Location will be especially important if you plan to visit your unit often to pick up or drop off items. If you only need to stop by a couple of times, you may not need to worry about location as much. 

Storage Unit Types

When deciding what kind of unit to rent, it’s important to think about what you will be storing in your unit. If you have electronics or temperature-sensitive items (things like wooden furniture, photographs, and instruments) to store, you may want to rent a climate-controlled unit. These units are temperature-regulated so your belongings are not exposed to extreme temperatures and sudden weather changes. 

Unit Sizes

Once you know the location(s) you want to look at and what type of unit you need, you will need to choose a unit size. Our smallest 5×5 units are around the size of a small closet. The 10×15 size units are comparable to a large bedroom, and are usually suitable for storing furniture and large items. Generally speaking, smaller units will be less expensive to rent, so it will benefit you to pack as tightly as possible. If you’re planning to keep your unit very full, remember to keep any items you’ll need more often in easy-to-access spots. 

Get Student Storage Today

Once you know what kind and size of unit you’re looking for, you can get started with renting. Five Star Storage offers online rentals by location, but you can always contact our local offices with questions to get guidance on choosing the right unit!