Business Storage

When you rent a storage unit for your business, you’re making an investment in your future. Maybe you’re just starting out with your small business and are working out of your home’s kitchen or designated office space. On the other hand, your business could be thriving and you have inventory piled up to your waist that needs somewhere to go.

Organization is essential to keeping your business at its best in the long run. Renting a storage unit is a great way for all sorts of business owners to expand their potential. You can lock away tools and equipment, have a separate space for important documents, keep extra inventory or stock, set aside office furniture while you change locations, and so much more!

Self Storage Features for Commercial and Business Storage

Commercial storage is a unique and flexible space solution for your storage needs. If you’ll be visiting frequently to add or remove items from your storage unit, you might want to save yourself the time and energy of carrying belongings long distances by renting a drive-up storage unit, which most Five Star Storage facilities offer. Five Star Storage facilities also often offer several other features ideal for commercial business storage, including:

Security Features at Five Star Storage

Your business can be your entire life, and you might have a lot riding on its success and stability. Five Star Storage facilities are designed with the security of your belongings in mind so you can store with confidence! Security features at Five Star Storage facilities often include:

Security features differ based on location, so be sure to contact your local Five Star Storage facility for more information. 

Storage Unit Sizes for Business Storage

The space needed for your commercial storage varies depending on how much you plan to store. If you’re moving an entire office to a new location and have to store a room’s worth of desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, you’ll probably need a medium- or large-sized storage unit, such as a 10×15. However, if all you’re needing is a small, climate-controlled unit to keep important documents, a 5×5 or 5×10 could be just the right fit!

At Five Star Storage, we have units that are the right size for all sorts of purposes! Five Star Storage facilities offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, such as:

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