Do I Need Winter Tires in Fargo?

Close up of car tires in snow.

If you’re getting ready for winter weather in Fargo, driving is probably top of mind. You want to get where you’re going safely, but you may be wondering, “Do I need winter tires?” With storage facilities across Fargo, ND, we have plenty of experience driving on snow and ice. We’ll explain why these seasonal tires are useful and how we can help you store them.

Do I Need Winter Tires?

Your everyday tires that are probably on your vehicle right now are called all-season tires. While tire technology has improved over the years, all-season tires don’t perform particularly well in cold, snowy weather. While the slickness of ice and snow will never be an optimal driving surface, winter tires perform much better than all-season tires (and much better than summer tires that are often installed on performance or sporty vehicles). Ultimately, if you want the best vehicle for winter driving, install snow tires.

Winter Tire Advantages

Winter tires provide more traction in the worst winter conditions. They help you maintain control of your vehicle and avoid sliding around on sheets of ice. These next-level snow tires also help you stop more easily— a major advantage when you’re driving in traffic or on narrow, snow- and ice-covered roads.

What about all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles? Surely you’ve heard about how they’re better in winter. While it’s true that AWD vehicles can help you with initial traction, AWD does nothing to help the vehicle turn or stop, both of which are assisted with winter tires.

More Winter Tire Tips

Resist the temptation to save money by only replacing half your all-season tires with winter tires. Buy all four so you can rotate your tires as needed; you’ll extend the life of your tires and save money in the long run. Driving on mismatched tires could even cause accidents as half your tires grip the road and the other half slide in another direction.

Storing Winter Tires

With proper care, your winter tires could give you three or four winters’ worth of safer driving. These tires are designed for the cold, and the treads can wear out quickly on warm pavement. Remove your winter tires as soon as spring hits to avoid unnecessary damage. Store your tires in your garage or in one of our conveniently located Fargo storage units.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your tires before storing them. If your tires are mounted on the rims, hang them from sturdy hooks on the wall. If not, place them in heavy-duty plastic trash or lawn bags. Remove air from the bags with a vacuum cleaner, and tie each bag well to form an airtight seal.

All Your Winter Storage Needs

Investing in snow tires or winter tires can help you get through winter safely. Take control of your driving experience by replacing your all-season tires with a full set of winter tires at the first sign of snow or ice. Keep your investment safe by placing your tires in one of our Fargo storage units. Five Star Storage provides a safe, clean place to store your tires and other belongings all year round.

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