How to Organize Your Fall Decor

A sofa with light touches of fall accents throughout the room.

Now that the fall season is just around the corner, it’s time to prep and make your home look ready for autumn. Fall decorations like pumpkins, leaves, wreaths, table decorations, centerpieces, and other fall-themed knick-knacks can pile up quickly. The key to smooth and organized decorating is to declutter fall decorations in and around your home, before and after the season has passed, to get ready for the next season.

Read this guide to learn how to get your home ready for fall, and enjoy our tips on how to unpack last year’s fall decorations and make room for more this year.

Organize Your Fall Decor by Room

When it comes to organizing and decorating for the beginning of the fall season, it’s easiest to go room by room. This way, you know where everything goes and you can watch the room come together. The same goes for storing these decorations.

Make sure to get large enough storage bins and label them by room. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and know what goes in what room. If you want to switch up decorations, that’s OK, too. Just move them from the kitchen-labeled bin to the living room-labeled bin! Once the decorations are separated and organized, you can go bin by bin to decorate every room in the house and switch things around as needed. Once it’s time to put them up, it makes it that much easier to put away. Find the right labeled bin and store it for easy access next season.

Organize Your Fall Decor by Size

A stylish living room decorated with fall colors.

Another way to organize is by size. Since these decorations come in many different shapes and sizes, they can easily get lost or broken. Separating decorations by size will prevent them from getting crushed or damaged. Make sure to label each bin for the proper size and decoration category. This way, all your miniature pumpkins and garnishes won’t get smashed by your large pumpkins or huge cornstalks you want to place around the house. Finding smaller storage for smaller pieces will help you keep track of where they are and where you’d like them placed. It also helps to store these smaller bins within the larger bins, so you have everything you need in one place.

Organize Your Fall Decor by Type

Organizing by type of decoration is another helpful way to keep everything in order. Place all your pumpkins, wreaths, and decorations in separate bins and label them by category or type. A few fall decorations to consider keeping stored together include:

  • Wreaths
  • Pumpkins of all sizes
  • Outdoor decorations
  • Fall pillows and blankets
  • Pinecone and leave decorations
  • Halloween embellishments
  • Thanksgiving trimmings
  • General fall flourish

Separate Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Fall is a big season for outdoor decorations as well. Whether you have pumpkins, scarecrows, or a garland of leaves covering your front porch, it’s important to store outdoor decorations separately because indoor decorations aren’t as sturdy as outdoor decorations. If you store them together, the indoor decorations can become dirty or damaged.

Labeling correct bins is essential to keep them from getting confused. Some decorations aren’t meant to withstand the outdoor conditions, while others are meant to be outside. Keeping these separate will cause less confusion and keep you organized. You may want to invest in sturdier storage bins for the outdoor decorations since they can be dirtier and heavier than the indoor ones.

Donate Unwanted Decor

Someone placing items into a cardboard box to donate.

Once it’s time to unwrap all the fall necessities, you can donate or get rid of the decorations you don’t use anymore to free up space in your home. If items are sitting in the attic or stored away in boxes being ignored, consider donating them to a local organization.

It’s always nice to get rid of unused decorations to make room for new ones. Who doesn’t love shopping for updated seasonal decorations?

The Perfect Spot to Store Fall Decor

Plastic storage containers are sturdier and more durable than other storage options, such as wicker baskets or cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers can keep your seasonal decor safe from rain or melted snow that can seep into the fabric of your decorations and wilt them like fall leaves.

Store your decorations in these places to prevent damage and keep them out of the way:

  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Hall closet
  • Garage
  • Storage unit

Organize Your Fall Decor With Five Star Storage

If you find yourself out of space in the basement or tiny storage closet, come store your seasonal decorations with a Five Star Storage facility near you. When you store decorations and other necessities with us, it allows for more space at home and less clutter to worry about. We’ll store your decorations year-round, so when the season comes, you can have access to your decorations at any time.

Whether you’re a college student, a resident, or a nearby business owner, our self storage units can help you with your storage needs, be it big or small, short term or long term. Have a question? Contact us—we’re happy to help answer your questions or provide more information. Want to rent your storage unit? We’d love to help. Just find the nearest Five Star Storage location and book today.

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