How to Properly Secure Your Storage Unit


You’ve found the perfect place to safeguard your belongings or business equipment when you’re not using them. But what’s the best way to ensure their safety while in storage? From knowing how to use a disc lock properly to using storage unit organization to your advantage, these tips will help secure your space and provide peace of mind.

How to Lock Your Storage Unit

Although choosing a storage facility with abundant lighting and other security features is the best way to keep your things safe, knowing how to lock your storage unit properly comes in at a close second. Experts agree that disk locks are the best choice since they’re difficult to pick or even cut. Disc locks are far superior to your average padlock, but keep an eye on the keys to your lock; some storage facilities charge hefty fees to remove disk locks because it’s such a time-consuming process.

Although it’s hard to cut into and pick, knowing how to use a disc lock is anything but difficult. Take these steps:

  • Push the door’s pull-rope into the unit while closing the door
  • Some doors may require pressure to be applied to the door handle while closed using your foot. This allows the bottom of the door to seal properly
  • Slide the lock latch across
  • Place the lock in the latch opening
  • Close the lock

Even the best lock is useless if it isn’t secured. Check that your lock is completely engaged before leaving the storage facility.

Strategic Storage Unit Organization

Knowing how to use a disc lock is essential to protecting your belongings, but there are even more ways to keep out prying eyes—and hands. Storage unit organization can make things more difficult for would-be thieves. Remember, they want to get in and out of your storage unit as quickly as possible to avoid being caught.

Place any valuables— including items with sentimental value— towards the back of the unit. We usually recommend labeling boxes clearly, but avoid providing criminals with clues to the location of your grandmother’s jewelry or your collection of gold bullions.

Secure Storage Units for Rent in North Dakota and Minnesota

Keeping your storage space and its contents safe is simple. From knowing how to lock your storage unit properly to using strategic storage unit organization, these tips will help safeguard your belongings. And if you’re looking for a storage company that takes security seriously, get in touch with Five Star Storage today. From abundant lighting to electronically accessible security gates, we do all we can to protect our customers’ valuable and everyday belongings. Rent your secure storage unit today.

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