How to Create a Home Office You’ll Love

Organized home office setting with desk, computer, chair, shelves, and decorations.

If you’re working from home for an extended period of time, make the most of your space by creating a home office that you’ll love. From choosing the right office chair to making your workstation fashionable and comfortable, you can find plenty of home office design ideas in this helpful guide from Five Star Storage.

Choose the Right Spot

When you choose an area to create your dream home office, keep in mind what your work goals are. Do you need a zen, distraction-free environment, or do you prefer to be around other people in order to stay productive?

If you get easily sidetracked by other people, your bedroom, basement, or a guest room may be your best bet for a home office. Alternatively, if your productivity is boosted by constant activity, the kitchen, dining room, or living room are high traffic areas if you live with other people.

Make the Most of Lighting

Whichever area in your home that you choose for an office, make sure it’s well-lit. Whether that means placing your desk near or in front of a window, or getting a floor lamp that brightens up the room, having enough light in your home office is crucial to avoid feeling like you’re working in a cave.

Balance Fashion and Function

That fun, mid-century modern chair you bought may look nice in your home office, but it may not offer the same back support as a more ergonomic chair. When you choose furniture for your home office, maintain a healthy balance of style and comfort. Before splurging on a stylish desk, look around for a similar option that has plenty of storage.

If you set on a certain style for your home office, look for ways to make them functional as well as fashionable—get a back pillow for your chair, or find a storage cabinet you can tuck under or next to your desk. 

Utilize Wall Space

Not only are your walls great for personalizing with decor, but they could also help you organize your office. If your workstation is short on square footage, make the most of your wall space with hanging storage solutions and shelving.

For apartment-dwellers whose leases don’t allow for holes in the wall, use adhesive hanging strips, or find wall leaning storage racks and ladders. If there’s a closet in your home office, consider getting vertical storage that attaches to the hanger pole.

Make More Space with Self Storage

Even if you have the perfect layout planned for your home office, you may not have enough space to realize your dream. Thankfully, Five Star Storage has the solution for you: self storage. With a self storage unit, you can give yourself extra room without sacrificing your belongings.

If you need extra closet space, a 5×5 unit is perfect for you. Turning your garage into an office? Consider a 10×30 unit for your entire garage’s contents. Check out our unit size guide to determine the storage solution that’s right for you. Make your dream office a reality and find a Five Star Storage location near you today!

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