New Season, New Wardrobe: A Guide to Closet Organization

View of an organized closet with hanging clothes and tubs of items.

As spring quickly approaches, it comes time to participate in doing some spring cleaning. However, when it comes to cleaning your home, it’s most common to focus on the living room, kitchen, dining room, and other similar large areas. However, some spaces in your home that require the most love and care are likely smaller spaces. None more so than your closets.

Suitable cleaning methods and tips can make your closet more organized. Allow our team at Five Star Storage to guide you through the many tips and tricks you can use to organize your closet for the upcoming spring season.

The Benefits of Closet Organization

With the strong connection between stress and clutter, keeping your home free from clutter is essential. Your closet is no exception, regardless of size. Clearing out clutter from your closet can lead to a stronger feeling of calmness and control and increased productivity.

Before You Start Organizing Your Closet

Understanding what benefits you can reap from a clean and organized closet makes it easy to become excited and eager to start grabbing things out of your closet. However, there’s more to it than just that. There are some items to ensure you have before you begin your closet cleanout.

First, gather some spare shopping bags that you can use to transport clothes and items you plan to donate or place elsewhere. Second, find a mirror that you can use to view your clothing and better determine what to give away, keep, or place in storage. For the best view, use a full-body mirror. Finally, if you find anything in your pockets, it’s best to use a basket to place these miscellaneous items in.

Woman taking a photo of a shirt while organizing clothes from the closet.

Closet Organization Tips

When fully prepared for your cleaning, you’ll need to find an excellent method to approach your closet. After all, organizing everything in your closet can be daunting without a proper plan. Allow our team to show you four steps you can take to structure your closet organization process.

1. Full Closet Cleanout

We recommend that you remove every item from your closet. As you remove your items, place them in appropriate baskets and storage to prevent damage or stains. For your clothing, we recommend using hangers and laundry baskets. Once your closet is completely cleared out, thoroughly vacuum and clean every part of it, including the corners.

2. Sort and Declutter Your Belongings

Next, you’ll want to sort through your items and determine if you wish to keep or donate each one. To do so, ask yourself how often you use or wear an item and if you care about it enough to keep it. This helps keep clutter out of your closet and throughout your entire house.

3. Evaluate Your Closet’s Storage System

After you sort through your belongings, it’s best to examine how you store them and reassess your process. Many inexpensive options and budget-friendly storage supplies exist, such as closet organizers, buckets, and drawers. If certain items simply don’t fit inside your closet, it’s wise to set them aside to be stored elsewhere.

Woman smiling as she places blanket inside an organized closet.

4. Put Your Items Back in an Organized Manner

It’s time for the final step of returning your items to your closet. However, you should do so while implementing your new form of organization. For example, it’s best to keep items grouped. If you use your closet primarily for clothing storage, keep the items you wear frequently front and center. Additionally, don’t waste any space and tuck rarely used items further away.

Here are just some additional closet organization methods you can use for this upcoming spring:

  • Upgrade your drawers and shelves
  • Sort items by color, category, or length
  • Revisit how you fold, stack, and hang your clothes
  • Utilize vacuum-sealed bags
  • Label all your belongings
  • Take advantage of wall space

Additional Storage Solutions

Having a clean and organized closet means restoring a sense of calm in even the smallest spaces of your residence. However, what happens when you have several items that simply can’t be placed in the closet but that you still want to keep? Your best solution for quick and easy space is renting self storage.

The best self storage facilities offer a wide range of storage unit types and sizes. Additionally, if you need a more secure option for clothing and other sensitive items, consider renting climate-controlled storage.

Find Affordable Storage Solutions at Five Star Storage Today

If you have a wide range of items you want to keep but don’t have enough room in your closet, turn to Five Star Storage for help. Our top-notch self storage makes it easy to keep your belongings secure and well-accounted for. Whether you need clothes storage or a place to store boxes of items, we’re your best choice. We have storage facilities throughout the following states:

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