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27 Apr
How to Move Back Home With Your Parents

Let’s face it; moving back with your parents can be challenging. Whether you’ve had your first taste of independence as a college student or are moving (perhaps unwillingly) back into the nest for financial reasons, navigating this lifestyle change is sometimes tricky. At Five Star Storage, we’ve helped young people move back to their parents...

25 Mar
Where should I store my RV or boat?
I’m Looking to Buy a Boat or RV. Where Will I Store It?

RVs, trailers, campers, and boats aren’t simply large, specialized vehicles. They are also unique ways for you to experience the outdoors, and owning one can lead to some wonderfully joyful journeys—from simply exploring North Dakota or Minnesota to going on a cross-country road trip. But RVs and boats are not exactly the easiest thing to...

19 Feb
Have a Sudden Storage Need? Here’s What to Do.

When a life event takes you by surprise, it can throw your world into chaos–and this is especially true if that life event requires a sudden need for additional storage. While you can’t always have full control on life, you can take charge of your immediate environment through the flexibility and power of self storage....

18 Jan
How to Properly Secure Your Storage Unit

You’ve found the perfect place to safeguard your belongings or business equipment when you’re not using them. But what’s the best way to ensure their safety while in storage? From knowing how to use a disc lock properly to using storage unit organization to your advantage, these tips will help secure your space and provide...

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