Things To Do in Fargo, ND, This Summer

A street view shot of downtown Fargo, ND, skyline.

Rising temperatures and clearer skies spell out a day, if not days, of adventure for folks across Fargo, ND. With countless summer festivals, attractions, and activities, there’s always something for visitors and residents alike to do. In this guide, our team at Five Star Storage will show you the top things to do in Fargo during the summer.

Why Explore Fargo, ND, in the Summer

So, what’s the great appeal of Fargo during the summertime? The simple answer comes down to the city’s ties to the great outdoors and the many activities it offers. According to WeatherSpark, although the winters in Fargo are frigid and snowy, the summers are long and warm, and they are the perfect time to get outdoors and see what the most populous city in the state has to offer, from farmers’ markets to scenic trails.

Top Summer Festivals in Fargo, ND

After you understand why so many people take advantage of the summertime in Fargo, it’s time to start exploring all the city offers. First, there are several festivals celebrating different aspects of Fargo life. With seasonal attractions and annual bashes, let our team show you some of the best summer festivals and this year’s top spots in Fargo, ND.

Red River Market

Among the most popular attractions in Fargo is the famed Red River Market. Held in downtown Fargo every year on Saturdays between July and October, this vast and vibrant farmers market celebrates locally grown food for all kinds of people. From local farms selling fresh produce to new and emerging food businesses, there’s something for everyone among the many vendors at this market.

North Dakota state flag waving in the air with blue sky in the background.

Downtown Street Fair

Another annual staple of downtown Fargo is the Downtown Street Fair. Held every July, this festival brings together over 150,000 visitors and locals over three fun-filled days. Visitors can enjoy entertainment such as live music, shop from over eight blocks of local vendors, and enjoy numerous foods, including local cuisine and beverages.

Happy Harry’s Ribfest

Another key event held every year in Fargo is Happy Harry’s Ribfest. Held in the FargoDome parking lot in early June, this festival brings about cooks from all over the country to celebrate the art of barbecue and kick off summer in a delicious manner. While feasting on many cooked meats, enjoy the entertainment of live music from national music acts.

Fargo AirSho

Do you have thrill-seekers in your family? Then consider taking a trip to the Fargo AirSho. This two-day extravaganza, held every July at the Hector International Airport, brings together over 30,000 fans from the United States and Canada to admire and marvel at the finest aircraft flown in the show by some of the nation’s finest pilots.

Best Summer Activities in Fargo, ND

There are countless family-friendly activities in Fargo, ND—let us guide you through some of the best summer activities available to you and your family.

Visit One of the Local Museums

If you need an excellent way to beat the heat while still engaging with Fargo culture, visiting a museum is a wonderful option for a fantastic day. Here are some of the most popular Fargo museums that you should visit:

  • Plains Arts Museum. Contemporary art museum and learning center with classes, exhibitions, and programs.
  • Fargo Air Museum. An exhibition of aviation and military history with various vintage aircraft on display.
  • Roger Maris Museum. A museum dedicated to New York Yankees record-setting player and Fargo-native Roger Maris
  • Bonanzaville USA. Acres of historic buildings and artifacts reflecting local history and culture
Sunrise seen through trees at Island Park in Fargo, ND.

See a Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks Game

One popular summer pastime in town is attending a Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks baseball game. Part of the American Association of Professional Baseball, this minor league baseball team has captured the hearts of residents across the area with its thrilling play and scenic ballpark experience at Newman Outdoor Field.

Go To the Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo is another local destination that has captured the attention of residents and visitors. The former site of a ranch, this sprawling zoo contains over 300 animals from similar climates and terrains, including red pandas and meerkats. With the nice weather, summer is the ideal time to take a trip and learn about the animal kingdom.

Do an Outdoor Activity at a Local Park

Do you want an activity that’s leisurely and in tune with nature? Consider visiting one of the many local parks found throughout Fargo, including Lindenwood Park. Take a hike or a bike trip through the many lush and scenic trails across town. These parks also have several barbecue areas and shelters to host cookouts and similar events. Many local parks also host campsites if you want to spend a night under the stars.

Tips for Your Fargo Adventure

Even with all the fun destinations to explore and activities to do in Fargo, it’s best to have a game plan ahead of time, whether you’re just moving into Fargo during the summer or have called this North Dakota staple home for decades. Enjoy more of the fun by following these simple planning tips for your summer Fargo adventure:

  • Plan and buy tickets ahead of time
  • Apply sun protection regularly
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Make sure to set aside downtime

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