Self Storage for Students

College and university students know better than anyone that space can be hard to come by, especially if you live in a dorm or in student housing. At Five Star Storage, we understand you’re busy studying, writing papers, and meeting new friends, and finding a place for your out-of-season clothes is low on your priority list. That’s where Five Star Storage comes in.

Storage for Students Studying Abroad

If you’re jetting off for a semester abroad, you probably have some storage logistics to figure out. What will you be taking with you to your new home for a few months, and what do you need to store for easy access after you’ve returned? Whether it’s textbooks, clothing, or dorm-room decor, we have space to accommodate whatever you need to store for a semester—and at a cost that’s mindful of your college-sized budget.

Storage for Students in Dorms

You’re moving into your first-ever dorm room freshman year, only to discover that your roommate has also brought their futon, too, and there’s no way your room has space for two futons. We’ve got you covered with a variety of unit sizes to house whatever your dorm room can’t: extra furniture, an additional bedding set your mom made you pack, etc. Our storage units won’t break the bank, either.

Storage for Students During Summer and Holiday Breaks

Moving back home for the summer can be a big pain, especially when you realize you have to do so every summer for the rest of your college experience. Let us help you undertake the task and store what you absolutely don’t need to take home with you this summer. Whether it’s your winter sweaters, textbooks you plan on selling at the start of the next school year, or your favorite couch, we have plenty of room for it.

Ready to stash your stuff with us, students? Reserve your unit with the nearest Five Star Storage facility today and take advantage of our online specials.